Midnight Culmination

Shamelessly Making Out in Tampa and St. Petersburg

Monday, August 16, 2004


In creating SOHOTAMPA.COM, I had several goals of what I wanted to see it accomplish for the SOHO neighborhood. First: establish a stronger bond between businesses and residents of SOHO; Second: work to provide a better tie in of mass transit between SOHO and the rapidly blossoming Downtown; Third: make people aware of the parking and road drainage problems so that solutions might be found; and Fourth: create an awareness that leads to action to get the small park in front of Bella's, St. Bart's, Sally O'Neal's, Cafe by the Bay, etc. turned into an attractive location instead of a sandspur pit.

My efforts to get info on the park began with an interview of Mayor Iorio several months ago. (details of that interview are on our site) More recently, at a meeting of the struggling restart of the SOHO Merchants Association, many details were relayed to me regarding the park. I used those details for my first article. Unfortunately, many inaccuracies existed in that article. I asked everyone who responded for their input to help get the story right. The amount of venom in their angry responses were surprising to me.

In the words of Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along ?"

Why not get a perfectly located, city owned block turned from a sandspur pit to an attractive park ? Seems like a good idea to me, WHAT DO YOU THINK ?